In the past few years I have approached challenges in my life through creating.

I started to explore layers of myself through the marks that I made on each new canvas. Through this process I found great passion, inspiration, and most of all, pure happiness. My paintings pulled me up higher than ever into a place where my pain was no longer a burden, but rather something that I was ready to confront.

Most of my artwork is a form of abstract expression, as that is how my emotions translate when they reach the canvas. Just as my life spills outside of the lines, there is a sense of unpredictability in the form, color, and texture of my paintings.  I pour my thoughts and emotions, all the lows and highs, into each piece of work.

My work seeks points of connection between myself and the viewer to start conversations about issues that often go undiscussed.

Art has the power to help us push past pleasantries and insecurities, to share the stories that make us who we are. 

I create for pleasure. I create to understand myself and the world. I create for comfort.